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Counselling Psychologists 


Dr. Y.P. TSANG, Bill 曾育彪博士

Senior Counselling and Training Consultant

BS, MS, MA, EdM, EdD (PhD equivalent, Harvard)

Registered Psychologist, Hong Kong

Licensed Mental Health Counselor (Massachusetts, USA)

香港註冊心理學家 (香港心理學會)

美國麻省心理輔導執照  (LMHC)











Dr. Bill Tsang has been practicing since 1994, specializing in mental health and individual psychotherapy, as well as couple and family therapy. He has worked extensively with people suffering from depression, anxiety, relational traumas and difficulties, parent-child conflicts, and personal development issues. While he takes an integrated approach to psychotherapy, Dr. Tsang often applies psychodynamic therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy in his work, with sensitivity towards spiritual and faith issues. He is also experienced in helping professionals in their personal growth, vocational development and life coaching.


Dr. Tsang was an assistant professor in the Department of Social Work at The Chinese University of Hong Kong for four years, where he taught mental health and family counseling courses, and practiced clinical work. He also gives workshops and seminars on mental health and personal growth in various settings, including universities, schools, counseling and social work agencies, and churches. He has practiced clinical counseling and psychotherapy in the USA for more than seven years. He has been conducting psychological and education research at the University of Hong Kong since 2006. His work also involves developing global leadership training programs for young professionals, and mentoring programs for vulnerable youths.


Dr. Tsang received his Master in Counseling Psychology from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, his Master in Education and Doctorate in Human Development and Psychology from Harvard University. He is a License Mental Health Counselor in Massachusetts, U.S.A. and a registered psychologist with the Hong Kong Psychological Society.


曾育彪博士 (Dr. Bill Tsang) 於心理健康及個人發展方面具廣博之知識及豐富之臨床經驗 (自 1994),處理婚姻與家庭治療個案尤有心得。多年來他與各類不同需要人士同行,當中問題包括抑鬱、焦慮、人際之困擾或關係中受創,亦有親子間未能協調之境況。




曾博士居美期間,有七年的臨床輔導及心理治療工作經驗,自 2002 至 2006 年,曾博士乃香港中文大學社會工作系之助理教授,任教學科包括心理健康、家庭輔導等,同時亦參與系內之臨床輔導工作。自 2006 年,曾博士在香港大學從事多項教育研究。多年來曾博士被邀於社會服務或輔導機構、教會等作主講者,於有關心理健康並個人成長等範疇之研訪會及工作坊當中,以其精闢之見解,讓參加者獲益良多。他亦有為年青專業人士設計國際領袖訓練。



Mrs Winnie LEE 李劉穎瑩女士

Senior Counselling and Training Consultant

Registered Counselling Psychologist & Associate Fellow, HKPS

Registered Educational Psychologist, HCPC UK

Approved Supervisor, ACA and HKPCA

Trainer in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy

Certificate in Emotion-Focused Therapy


Mrs Winnie Lee has over 30 years’ experience working in the education and counselling field. She started her career as a Social Worker in the Family Services of the Social Welfare Department in HK, then she was employed as a Child and Educational Psychologist in Australia for 9 years before working as a Counselling Psychologist in a local university for over 20 years. She now works privately as a counselling psychologist and a part-time lecturer cum clinical supervisor in local universities.

With her many professional qualifications and extensive work experiences, Mrs Lee is well experienced in counselling cases of different nature including emotional problems, stress and anxiety, parenting, couple/family relationships, children with behavioural and emotional difficulties, mental health issues and other personal issues. She is knowledgeable in conducting a wide range of psychological assessments and training programmes for counsellors, teachers and parents.









李劉穎瑩女士在心理輔導和教育方面已有 30 年以上的豐富經驗。在港大畢業後,她在社會福利署的家庭服務部工作,其後在澳洲的教育部擔當了九年的兒童及教育心理學家;再回港在大學任職為輔導心理學家,有超過 20 年的經驗。她現為私人執業的輔導心理學家,並兼任大學講師和輔導員的督導工作。

李女士擁有多個的專業資格和豐富的工作經驗,在心理輔導方面,她善長於處理各類型 的問題,包括情緒困擾、壓力、焦慮、管教子女、夫婦或家庭關係、精神健康和其他個人問題。她亦主理各種心理評估及提供培訓給輔導專業人士、教師和家長。

Dr. Frank LEUNG梁經緯博士

Senior Counselling and Training Consultant

Registered psychologist (Counselling Psychologist), Associate Fellow, Hong Kong Psychological Society,

Registered Supervisor-Australian Counselling Association


香港心理學會註冊心理學家(輔導心理學) 香港心理學會副院士 



Dr. Frank Leung is a registered psychologist (Counselling Psychology) and an Associate Fellow of the Hong Kong Psychological Society, also the Chairperson of the Division of Counselling Psychology in the Hong Kong Psychological Society (2010-2014). He is also a registered Supervisor in Australian Counselling Association.  He is a member of the Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association and a life member of the Hong Kong Mental Health Association. Dr. Leung earned his Doctor of Education degree in Nottingham Trent University, UK, he got his MPhil. in psychology in Chinese University of Hong Kong and Bachelor of Art degree with cum laude honour in psychology in University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, USA.


Dr. Leung is the founder and director of Care & Beyond- Wellness Service Centre, was an Honorary Associate Professor in Centennial College (July 2016-July 2018), Principal Lecturer and Head of Division of Social Sciences (June 2016 - June 2019), and currently principal lecturer of HKU SPACE Community College. He has been teaching Psychology in local tertiary institutions for more than 27 years. He had been teaching full-time in The City University of Hong Kong for 6 years before he joined HKU SPACE Community College in year 2000 when the college was established. He received outstanding teacher award in 2010.

Dr. Leung has also given talks to primary and secondary schools, provided consultation to the mass media, and conducted training workshops for government departments, charity organizations, and commercial firms. Training and workshops include stress management, increase motivation, group dynamics, assertiveness training, child development, children sex education, promote to primary school preparation, positive thinking, raising self-esteem, EQ, IQ, multiple intelligence, parenting, positive psychology etc. He is a co-author of a Chinese Abnormal Psychology Text and has articles published in newspapers and books. He also published regularly in his Facebook too.  He is also a practitioner providing individual counselling as private practice and volunteer services. Psychological counselling areas include personal development, personality adjustment, marital relationship, sexual relationship, life adjustment, stress and emotional management, mental health, depression, anxiety disorder, psychosomatic disorders, life coaching, single parent’s children problem, parent-children relationship, parenting, pre-marital counselling etc. In 2008, during 5.12 Sichuan earthquakes, he had been visited different disaster areas in Sichuan to provide counselling for earthquake victims. His act was also reported by local television - TVB Tuesday Files documentary series.


Dr. Leung taught Personal Development, Mental Health, Introduction to Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Positive Psychology, Intra-and Interpersonal competencies, developmental Psychology, Organizational Behaviour previously, and now is teaching Introduction to Counselling, Human Development and Social Environment, Introduction to Psychology and Introduction to Social Psychology in the Community College.


梁經緯為香港心理學會註冊輔導心理學家及副院士,美國明尼蘇達大學心理學榮譽學士, 香港中文大學心理學碩士,香港專業輔導協會會員及香港心理衛生會永久會員。香港心理學會輔導心理學組主席(2010-2014)。澳洲輔導協會註冊督導


梁博士在大專院校任教十多年,曾任香港城市大學社會科學部心理學講師,現任明德學院榮譽副教授 ,香港大學專業進修附屬學院首席講師及社會科學部主任,並於 2010 年獲得傑出教師殊榮。梁博士曾為政府部門、志願 機構、商業機構、學校及傳媒擔任顧問、提供培訓及主持講座等,內容包括壓力處理、提 高工作學習動機、小組動力、敢於自表訓練、兒童發展、處理孩子情緒、如何提高對家庭 歸屬感、增強對子女了解、情緒智商、積極思考、提高自信心、如何與子女談性、準備孩 子上小學等、多元智能及父母之道、正向心理學等。梁博士在四川地震後曾多次前往災區 輔導災民及為醫護人員提供培訓,無線電視星期二檔案曾經有專輯報導。他現在亦有提供收費輔導服務及擔任教會義務心理輔導員及主管—主要輔導有關個人成長、婚姻關係、性關係、 生活壓力、壓力及情緒管理、精神健康、憂鬱症、焦慮症、身心症、生涯規劃、單親家庭 兒童,幫助家長處理親子問題,主領婚姻成長營等。梁博士曾為<<家庭危機應變手冊>>撰稿,也有在報章發表文章。



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